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First time posting pictures of my real self online. =^o^= 💜

Hi, this is me! I'm your average software dev/sysadmin trans girl. :3

Hackerspaces are good and all, but have ya'll considered Cuddlespaces!? :blobcatthinking:

You know how people fall in love fictional characters and all? Think about a century from now, people will dig up our old social media profiles, and some like crush hard on us. :blobcatgiggle:

The existence of transmitters implies the existence of cismitters

remember when spyware was considered something bad and not just the normal way software operated

I'm in such relief, my university is going out of their way to erase every single trace of my deadname, including unique identifiers with initials, and email addresses.

They even asked me if I had gotten my national identity number changed, because they wanted to make sure that the male gender marker was erased from existence.

Bless the IT crew at my university. ❤️

open source software development is essentially the greatest cooperative mmorpg ever created

Wasabi call themselves AWS competitor but even my Raspberry Pi has more uptime

I think at this point you can attract people to your instance by saying it’s not using wasabi

Don't forget to validate your forms. Tell them they're doing great and you're glad to have them around.

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