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Finally got my Hacktober t-shirt. It's so comfy. ^w^

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First time posting pictures of my real self online. =^o^= 💜

Hi, this is me! I'm your average software dev/sysadmin trans girl. :3

Time to migrate to my new instance:

Hopefully the automated account moving feature works as it should.

This instance will disappear next week. :)

I wonder if you can get a 100% SSL Labs score by only doing TLS 1.3, and not even listening on port 80 for redirect to HTTPS.

Oh hey! The low profile tower cooler works! :D My Pi 4 is so cute now!~ ^^

@mdszy Hi, I found your post on the Caddy forums (and the terrible advice they gave...).

I am investigating the use of Caddy for my server, and was just wondering how it's been working for you thus far? And have you made any changes to your configuration since the forum post?


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why r u telling me to "select transcoder," plex. im right here.

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@hund but I believe @selea was asking about dead "instances" though. not dead accounts / profiles?

I'm curious to know the answer to this question too.

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How long does it take for a mastodon instance to "forget" dead instances? Or does it even forget?


Fox tails go like: ⬆️↗️⬇️↖️↩️⤴️⬇️↪️⤵️🔄🔃

Got hold of my endgame domain for hosting Mastodon:

I'll be moving there in the coming month, and will also be self-destructing this instance as the domain lease for it runs out in September.

Now to figure out how to comfortably run Mastodon on a Raspberry Pi 4 (8 GB). I heard USB boot is finally a thing. :)

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LB image description: it's a city bus, normally yellow, but the bottom half is painted in trans flag colours. Like a long, wavy, bus-length flag. Towards the back, it says "transvagninn" (the trans wagon (bus,)) "nóg pláss fyrir öll kyn" (enough space for all genders.) On the front door, it says "næsta stans er tileinkad öllum sem er trans" (next stop is dedicated to everyone who is trans.) There are also several ⚧ symbols of various sizes.

Oh hey! Factorio reached its 1.0 goal after 8.5 years in development! Gratz! <3

This is so cool, Reykjavík has a city bus to celebrate trans pride! :3

Source (with more pictures):

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