Gotta get myself some of these potion flasks from IKEA and turn into the witch that I am. >:3

After 10 years of not having speakers, I decided to get myself some. :3

Let's see how these deal with Caramelldansen on full volume. :ablobcatattention:

NordicFuzzCon 2020 () was a blast! ❤️

☑️ Met lots of cute and awesome people
☑️ Commissioned my first badge
☑️ Hugged lots of fluffy fursuiters (including the adorable @pico)
☑️ Wore a skirt and thigh-highs in public for the first time
☑️ Used the women's restroom for the first time (wished they would've had gender neutral toilets though)

Aaaand, I managed to get a girlfriend to spontaneously come to her first furry convention at 2 AM the second day. 💜 She is now a furry. ☑️😝

Finally got my Hacktober t-shirt. It's so comfy. ^w^

Computer hardware gore, graphic 

Pictures from when I cleaned out my friend's computer a year ago. That hard drive was not healthy by any means. 😖

First time posting pictures of my real self online. =^o^= 💜

Hi, this is me! I'm your average software dev/sysadmin trans girl. :3

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